Proyecto Horizonte

Proyecto Horizonte runs a school and a health center that promotes outreach to the indigenous community. The organization focuses on three major areas: youth education, access to health care and local development projects. Proyecto Horizonte uses local development programs to promote leadership, infrastructure, sports and the arts to combat poverty in the Mineros San Juan settlement community. This settlement is located in a region called Ushpa-Ushpa, which is south of the major city of Cochabamba. According to the World Bank, 51.3% of the Bolivian population lived at the poverty line in 2009. Proyecto Horizonte's holistic approach addresses problems of indigenous marginalization, particularly those that exist in rural farming regions.

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Jarrod Zenjiro Suda | College of Letters and Science, Class of 2016 | University of California, at Berkeley | Major in Development Studies | Minor in Global Poverty and Practice |