My name is Jarrod Zenjiro Suda and I am a junior at the University of California at Berkeley. I am also a third generation Golden Bear and a student of the Class of 2016.

I study Development Studies at UC Berkeley. However, my studies in the Global Poverty and Practice minor bring me to Bolivia. At UC Berkeley, I am learning Spanish and am quite excited to be applying it into practice this summer. Furthermore, after having studied and written extensively on Bolivian history and culture during the past school semester, I am eager to experience it firsthand. Cultural immersion through travel is perhaps the purest way to "understand" people groups that live on the other side of the hemisphere. And, after having traveled to Spain, I can confidently say that travel is the best way to learn and develop language skills.

This blog will be used to document my practice experience in the poorest country in South America. As I begin to volunteer, I do not claim to know the answers to "solving" poverty. However, I am interested to watch the difficulties and complications that arise in the field. As I have learned in university, poverty is a complex subject that is constantly in debate in academia. I would like to tell a small part of this story.

Meet The Author

Jarrod Zenjiro Suda | College of Letters and Science, Class of 2016 | University of California, at Berkeley | Major in Development Studies | Minor in Global Poverty and Practice |