I usually eat a typical Bolivian dish for lunch, but today demanded a change of setting. I needed to reinvigorate the "American" in me to prepare for today's World Cup match against unrighteous Belgium. I even bought myself a Coca-Cola, which I will probably come to regret since caffeine keeps me up all night. The hamburger did not live up to expectations, nor did I expect it to, considering that I grew up on the magisterial In-N-Out burger. If only the mustard was blue-colored. Nonetheless, I sang the national anthem at my television with my hand over my heart and watched the game with prideful food in my stomach. The loss gave me a pain in my heart. But, I have observed that US fans retain hope more than most fans. We unconditionally believe until the clock hits zero. This also goes for bottom of the ninth inning baseball, fourth quarter american football, buzzer-beater basketball and third period hockey. Underdog moments have buried themselves into the subconsciousness of our sport culture. I experienced this especially when I tensely sent messages to my friend Jimmy, who watched the game from London. We believe and will continue to do so for 2018.


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