The most relatable way I can describe this group of footballers to people in the United States is that they remind me of the classic American movie, The Sandlot. One of the older neighbors asked for our help so we walked over to his house and helped him move a metal storage unit out of his yard. During the process, we were all laughing while trying to move this giant thing onto the side of the road. It felt like typical neighborhood fun. Later, we played a game of football as we always do. I've gotten to know the players really well, considering that I am officially on the team. In the group, we have the group clown, the humble yet skillful footballer, the lady's man, the quiet eerie kid, the kid with the younger brother, the fight instigator and the friendly one. Since I was one of the only kids in my neighborhood to go to public school for K-8, I really enjoyed today. As a new member of this group, I took a glimpse into the life of neighborhood childhood, which I never really had. Its comforting to think that my footballer friends will grow up reminiscing about their daily get togethers to play games on the neighborhood field.


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