After F.C. Horizonte's game, which we tied 2-2, some of the team went to a nearby restaurant to watch the World Cup final. I actually don't know the real name my friend on the far left because we all call him by his nickname: Messi. Just about everyone was rooting for Argentina, their fellow South Americans, which did not end well. One man laid on the floor, brokenhearted, after Argentina's loss for a good 2 minutes. Nonetheless, the experience of watch the entire World Cup next door to Brazil in my home stay and in local restaurants has been very memorable. I was introduced to the sport last summer during my study abroad experience in Spain. I came to appreciate the sport when Real Madrid won "La Décima," or ten European cups for one club. I came to love the sport when I played with F.C. Horizonte, my first football team since 4th grade AYSO leagues in California. I have a team to call my own.


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