Jeanette Ahenke, my home stay family and Bolivian mother, let me into her home for a month and a half. I am very grateful to have lived in her home. I loved her company while talking over coca tea and listening to her music. She was a great cook, a loving mother and just a sweet lady. I'll also miss Muñeca, her dog, quite a bit. Muñeca was always in a good mood when she saw me walk through the door every afternoon.
I have been in the United States for about a week now and have enjoyed my time back. I've seen family and friends in the cities of Pasadena and Berkeley. I went to the Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan Champions Cup game too. Essentially, I've experienced the fruits of California life to the fullest and it couldn't be more different than Cochabamba. Naturally, my appreciation for paved roads, availability of healthy food, fresh air, freeways, fresh water, air conditioning and a cell phone-free lifestyle will diminish with time but one thing is certain. I will remember Jeanette, my fellow volunteers and my students with unwavering clarity. They made Cochabamba a home.
This temporarily concludes my volunteer experience and my journey. Thank you for reading.


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