Grandpa Suda, a man who has raised an incredible and successful family, just turned 95 on July 2nd. My Japanese family's story has really inspired me to pursue work in the development sector. As Japanese Americans, they went through a great deal of hardship during and after World War II. Despite all of this, he entered the U.S. Army and served his country. He attended the best pubic university in the United States, UC Berkeley, and had a successful career as a lab scientist afterward. All four of his children are college educated and all of his grandchildren are college educated or are in the process of becoming so. A word that many would use to describe him is "wise." I wear "Zenjiro," his father and my great grandfather, as my middle name with great pride. And more importantly, I consider "Suda" to be the smoothest, coolest sounding last name ever. Happy birthday!


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