This is a view of the mountainside from Proyecto Horizonte. After playing volleyball and watching some volunteers paint murals, I took a walk around Ushpa-Ushpa (Proyecto's region of focus). Ushpa is really beautiful but it has also shown me what I took for granted in Pasadena, California. For example, I never breathed in dust and gas clouds because Pasadena has no dirt roads and people generally have more energy efficient cars. Yes, there are absolutely places with air quality worse than Downtown Los Angeles.
Later, my new friends and I went to the center of the city to grab a small dinner. I also got to experience a small part of La Cancha, which is the enormous city market. I'm sure that I'll get the full experience tomorrow, when I go with Rodrigo to buy some fĂștbol equipment. I can feel my Spanish improving already.


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