So, wandering around La Cancha with Rodrigo didn't work out. I couldn't contact him because I was having problems with my cell phone, which I bought at a cheap price for this trip. I ended up staying at home this lazy Saturday watching the World Cup and listening to some Spanish commentating. I messaged my good friend Jimmy, who is currently working abroad in London. We both ended up in football hotbeds and have caught some of the World Cup fever. Nonetheless, we still root for the USA above all! I took this photo during the Brazil vs. Croatia opening game in a restaurant in Ushpa-Ushpa. The experience of watching the game with some F.C. Horizonte fútbol kids in this setting was perfect. Although the Bolivian national team is not in the World Cup, fútbol remains strong in daily conversation, which is quite a change from U.S. sport culture.


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