Today, I was supposed to go to Incallajta, Bolivia's version of Machu Picchu. However, the tour agency closed up right when I reached their doorstep last night. With a free weekend, I decided to use the lift and visit the Cristo de Concordia up close. Although I have strong philosophical opinions on religion, I'll refrain from them. The statue was very impressive and the walk to the life allowed me to understand Cochabamba on the street level a bit better. After coming back down from the mountain, I visited the plaza 14 de Septiembre, saw some old churches and roamed an art gallery. For dinner I revisited el primo piano, a restaurant owned by Carmelo, an Italian man and an ex-Proyecto Horizonte volunteer. We conversed over drinks, I continued to enhance my Spanish and I tried Singani, a Bolivian hard alcohol. Strolling Cochabamba for the day was a good alternative.


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